I feel the Earth move…

Earthquakes and ugly shoes

Poor Carole King always seems to be associated with earthquakes! Please excuse my ugly, white shoes!  Image by Anna Ashcroft.

Well, it happened.  After years and years of wanting to feel an earthquake (yes, I’m strange, I know) I finally got my chance Saturday morning.  It happened around 7am while I was in a deep sleep.  I was looking forward to sleeping in after a long, stressful week, so when my bed started shaking I was annoyed.  Who in the hell was bothering me that early on a Saturday?  When I realized there was no one else in the room with me, my mind started racing trying to figure out what was going on.  I thought maybe we were having a bad thunderstorm until I realized it wasn’t storming.  It took me a few seconds to get my senses together, but after I did I realized the windows were rattling as well.  It seemed to go on forever, but in reality it was less than a minute.  I got up and checked the house and realized I had just experienced an earthquake for the first time.  It still seems surreal.  Although earthquakes have become more normal in this area of the country the past 3 or 4 years, I had never felt one in my home.  This earthquake was one of the bigger ones and it was even felt a few states away.

Information on the earthquake can be found at the USGS event page here.

The USGS also has a Report It feature on their website.  If you feel an earthquake, you can go to the Report It page and find the earthquake that you felt.  If you can’t find the specific earthquake in their list, you can report an “unknown event” and insert the proper information in the form provided.  Reporting an earthquake that you experience helps the USGS collect data on that particular earthquake.  I think it’s a great idea and it only took me a couple of minutes to fill out.

If you’ve ever experienced an earthquake, please feel free to share your experiences with me below!




Welcome to Secrets of a Pluviophile!  It didn’t seem right to start this blog without some kind of a welcoming post.  What are you supposed to write in a welcoming post anyway?    Without sounding too awkward, I’d like to share a little about what you can expect from my blog.

After spending close to a year fretting over starting a blog, I finally decided to stop worrying about the design and just go for it.  I think some writers, me included, find ways to distract themselves from writing.  I don’t think that we go out of our way to find distractions, they just tend to…pop up.  That was my dilemma.  I wanted my blog to be perfect before I started posting.  Guess what happened?  I missed out on a year’s worth of opportunities to write about.  No more!

More than anything, this blog will be about my writing journey as I strive to become a published romance author.  It would get a bit boring reading only about my writing struggles, so I will focus on other topics as well including: life in general, music, holidays, etc…  I am also hoping to work on a happiness project that I will discuss at a later date.

So, there you have it!  This blog will continue to undergo some construction in the next few weeks (maybe even months), but I do hope you stay and come along with me on my journey!

Until next time,